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The true origin of the All i Oli (Aioli) goes back to Egyptian lands, where in the splendor of the Egyptian empire this garlic and oil emulsion was served, possibly accompanied with mead, to the soldiers, athletes or fighters for a greater vigor and performance in the field of battle or in the Arena.

Shortly after and after the passage of the Romans by those lands they introduced in Europe the sauce of All i Oli which Virgilio would happen to denominate "Moretum" and that its use by all the empire expanded. In Rome the greatest virtues are attributed to garlic; it is believed that the vigor of the soldiers, of the athletes, of the fighters, is increased by eating many garlics; It is used as a medicine and mixed with everything that was eaten and drank mainly in Spain, Gaul and the Itálica peninsula, called "aillouse" in France, "ajiaceite" in Castilla, "ajo-aceite" in Aragón, "ajolio" in all the old Spain and ending up being called in the Levantine region "All i Oli".

From the 10th century there is a record of All i Oli recipes ... only with garlic and oil, or adding nuts, almonds, serpol, milk, cream cheese, or eggs, as was done in Menorca, giving rise to the sauce mahonesa (mayonnaise), the reality is that the All i Oli was made with a leading role in our cuisine. All the peoples of the Mediterranean feel identified with it, is part of our history and gastronomic heritage and we have all contributed to a greater or lesser extent to achieve what we know today as the All i Oli.


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All our product is tested individualy after each batch, packed and kept in a special refrigerator. Shelf live is up to 6 months.


Allioli is a GLUTEN & DAIRY FREE product.


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